T600 Series Mushroom Head Key Switch

T600 series button switches, single-pole to bipolar shaking head switches, can be inserted into the design of single-throw and double-throw instantaneous or delay circuit products, to meet most needs as a benchmark, the choice of various transmission devices, bushes, terminals and circuits, so that this multi-functional switch can easily be integrated into various applications. T series of applications: food machinery, generators, industrial control, office automation and market. These are in low-voltage AC/DC applications, as well as using the appropriate range of work.

Towei Electrical and Mechanical Switch Factory of Yueqing Taiwei produces single-pole to bipolar shake-head switches, which can be inserted into single-throw and double-throw instantaneous or delay circuit button switches and button switches. They are of various kinds, beautiful and durable, including circuit configuration, AC/DC terminal options, button switches optional color, status, shape and nameplate.

At the same time, our T600 series, T700 series, T500 series and 4126 series of waterproof button switches, A5166 series of luminous and non-luminous waterproof button switches, metal button switches have established the certification of providing long-term functional protection against dust and liquid splashing and wetting under certain pressures (IP67 and). Button switch, waterproof button switch, waterproof button switch, metal waterproof button switch have 5 big.

More than 200 catalogues of the series, including rating, mirror, press type (including self-locking button and non-self-locking type), material quality (including composite circuit) and more.

The diversity of our switching products makes Taiwei switch fully capable of manufacturing and processing all user needs, and customizes unique switches for you. We have a large number of measuring and testing instruments and tools, which belong to different functional laboratories. They can operate in different sizes, surface treatment, electrical characteristics and structural characteristics. We have a strong manufacturing capacity and a wide range of products. We can make faster updates than other manufacturers. At the same time, we rely on the diversified selection of switches and environmental impact. To ensure the quality of Taiwei switch products, whether parts or finished products, can be ensured. Regular instrument calibration and exchanges with the experimental methods of each unit can better ensure the correctness and reliability of relevant testing.

Main products: various specifications of switches, button switches, waterproof button switches, high current button switches, waterproof button switches, double-pole double-throw button switches, waterproof metal button switches, electronic lock switches, mechanical locks, waterproof indicator lights and a series of environmental protection switch products.


The products damaged in the collision of packaging in transportation, we adopt small boxes with large boxes and double cartons to better protect the damage caused by friction between products in medical equipment, outdoor charging equipment, ship and vehicle equipment, power supply equipment, charging pile, electric vehicle, automobile fan button switch.

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